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Top Hyundai-Related New Year's Resolutions


Making Changes in 2018: New Year's Resolutions for Hyundai Vehicles


Happy New Year! With the changing of the calendar, many of us also seek to change things about ourselves, to make improvements that will better our lives, relationships, and careers. Maybe you want to walk more, get more organized, or craft a healthy, homemade dinner once a month. All of these are great ideas that make for wonderful New Year's Resolutions, but before…

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Hyundai Vehicles: Care During a Deep Freeze


Here in Wisconsin, winter, the deep, frigid, freeze-your-fingers kind of winter, is inevitable. Milwaukee and its suburbs have already seen temperatures in the teens and single digits several days this winter and, if the experts are to believed, more deep freeze days and nights are on the horizon.


While your first priority should always be keeping you and your family warm, another top concern to have during such brutally cold weather should be for your…

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How to Recognize Hyundai Drivers


There are many reasons to buy a vehicle and join the fleet of Hyundai drivers. The first, of course, is for transportation, to get you and your friends and family from Milwaukee to Oak Creek and to well beyond. But simple transportation isn't the only thing that draws people to certain vehicles, Hyundai or otherwise. Some Hyundai drivers choose a vehicle based on safety features while others are searching something with the cargo capacity…

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Is A Hyundai A Good First Car?

Adding a vehicle to your Whitefish Bay home is a big decision. Especially when that vehicle is the first for your maturing teenager, or maybe you've landed your first career job and are looking to make that first new vehicle purchase. Whatever the case, when you're buying your first brand new car, one of the best brands you can go with is Hyundai. Buying a Hyundai has…

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Shopping for Hyundai Sonata Auto Parts: 3 Things to Know


Most auto repairs involve replacing worn-out or broken-down parts, and the replacement parts used have a significant impact on the overall quality of the repair work. If you drive a Hyundai Sonata, here’s what you need to know about Hyundai Sonata auto parts in order to select the best possible replacement parts for any repairs that your Sonata needs.

 1. Parts Are Compatible Across Generations

Most automakers redesign their vehicles every few years, and…

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3 Things to Know About Hyundai Android Auto

The first iPhone was released in  2007 with the first Android smartphone coming out shortly after in 2008. That's just a decade ago and yet smartphones have completely changed how many Americans work, enjoy entertainment, and stay connected with friends and family. They have also become our GPS go-to system for immediate navigation help (so long Mapquest printouts), our music and news platform, and our information assistant. Yet, we all know the dangers of playing with our phone while driving. Thankfully with Hyundai Android Auto, you can have your cake and eat it too. Here's what you need…
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Hyundai: Caring for the Environment


Hyundai's entire business model is built on their commitment to providing high quality and affordable vehicles. This allows drivers to have easy access to reliable cars and SUVs. In addition to caring about their customers, Hyundai also cares about the environment and is working hard to make sure that drivers can purchase low-emission vehicles that produce less pollution and consume less non-renewable energy. In fact, Hyundai is leading the way when it comes to offering a variety of hybrid vehicles and investing in research and development.

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Hyundai Blue Drive Technology: 3 Things to Know


Hyundai has joined with a growing number of green-inspired companies to reduce their global impact on the environment. As part of their global green initiatives, Hyundai is working hard to enhance the fuel efficiency of its vehicles and improve their overall technology. One of the more exciting developments in this arena is the release of Hyundai Blue Drive Technology in vehicles across the country, including those found right here in Mequon and Caledonia.

Hyundai Blue Technology is based on the idea that we can have more fuel efficient vehicles that are exciting and safe to drive. Vehicles with Hyundai Blue…

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5 Ways the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Stands Out


Chances are that you have noticed a 2017 Hyundai Elantra while driving around the Milwaukee area. Not only is this model a popular choice, its sleek, sporty and eye-catching design is hard not to notice. If you haven't taken a closer look at what the Elantra has to offer, you will be impressed to learn about all the ways this vehicle stands out from the competition. Here are just a few of the highlights:

1) Top rated midsize car among experts and critics

The midsize sedan category represents a crowded field, but the Elantra has still managed to climb…

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