Top Hyundai-Related New Year's Resolutions


Making Changes in 2018: New Year's Resolutions for Hyundai Vehicles


Happy New Year! With the changing of the calendar, many of us also seek to change things about ourselves, to make improvements that will better our lives, relationships, and careers. Maybe you want to walk more, get more organized, or craft a healthy, homemade dinner once a month. All of these are great ideas that make for wonderful New Year's Resolutions, but before you finalize your list of 2018 changes don't forget it's not just ourselves that could use with a little improvement. Consider this year also resolving to take better care of your Hyundai vehicles with some car care resolutions.


Preventative car care maintenance and implementing safe and smart driving practices can go a long way in keeping Hyundai vehicles looking great, sounding great, and keeping car-related costs way down. Ready to get started? Check out the following quick list of smart New Year's resolutions for Hyundai vehicles:


4 Outstanding New Year's Resolutions for Hyundai Vehicles in Whitefish Bay and Beyond

  1. Keep your interior clean.  Keeping the interior of your Hyundai clean is about more than just aesthetics. Spilt liquids, crumbs, piled up trash, and food crumbs make a vehicle look unappealing but it can also make a vehicle feel unappealing. Ensuring your Hyundai interior is kept clean by keeping a designated trash and storage area and regularly having the interior cleaned will go a long way in improving interior comfort as well as maintaining the vehicle's overall value.
  3. Detail your car once a month.  Consider going a step further than just maintaining the interior of your vehicle and commit to detailing it on a monthly basis. Detailing is a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of both the interior and exterior of your Hyundai vehicle. Note that this is not the same as an in-and-out car wash. Even the most basic detailing service should include a full interior vacuuming, interior wipe and cleaning of seating and soft-touch materials, interior polishing, mirror and trim cleaning, tire cleaning, exterior washing, and waxing. Whitefish Bay and other Milwaukee-area detailing services can perform these services if you don't have the time to do them yourself.
  5. Schedule bi-annual checkups.  Another thing you can trust the professionals on is the seasonal tune-up and maintenance tasks that will maximize the efficiency and performance of your Hyundai vehicle. Plus, a trained Hyundai technician that routinely sees your vehicle will be best able to spot potential problems early. Fixing issue when they're just beginning and before they become expensive and unwieldy repairs will save you a ton of money and stress. In addition to these bi-annual checkups, make sure you are having your oil changed according to your model's recommended schedule. Contact our Hyundai maintenance team to learn more and to schedule your next visit.
  7. Check your tire pressure once a month.  Another good resolution to make when it comes to Hyundai car care is to check your tire pressure once a month. This is particularly important during the winter months here in Whitefish Bay when both swings in air temperature can greatly impact tire pressure and safe driving on snowy roads requires proper tire inflation.

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